The changes in the Commission for Infectious Diseases will be aimed at expanding and supplementing its composition, with new, professional staff from several fields. Discussions are underway, and in that direction I had a meeting today with the President and Secretary of the Commission, Minister of Health Bekim Sali told MIA.

The professional work of the Commission for Infectious Diseases, said the Minister, is of utmost importance, and the response to the needs of the citizens is a top priority.

I absolutely understand the public interest in the further steps related to the composition of this body, because the circumstances require intensified and coordinated action based on expert and realistic assessments. This Commission already has a lot of experienced professionals in their fields, and further steps will include upgrading, training and professionalization. The purpose of these measures is certainly to reduce the number of infected people, as well as protection of public health in general, in the best interest of the citizens, added Minister Sali.