The Skopje court assigned the currently hot item case of Zoran Zaev’s top adviser Dragi Raskovski to scandal-ridden judge Vesna Dimiskova.

The judge became “famous” during the major Racket trial. In it, businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev testified how she joined in the broad network of racketeers trying to take money from him. Dimiskova was assigned a case in which Kamcev was charged with money laundering, that was being used by Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva to extort 1.5 million EUR from him. Before Janeva began making her demands clear, Dimiskova sent her brother, lawyer Vasil Dimiskov, to request 600,000 EUR from Kamcev, promising him leniency if he pays up.

My sister needs to be able to retire on this payment, Kamcev said was the message he received from Vasil Dimiskov.

Despite the serious allegations, Dimiskova remained a judge and now she runs the trial of Zaev’s top adviser, charged with diverting 180,000 EUR in public software purchases into his own pockets. Dimiskova’s first decision was to release Raskovski into house arrest, rejecting the demand from the prosecutors that he is detained in prison.