The parent of a teenage girl blew the whistle on a horrific case of abuse in a scout group where adult instructors had underage children conduct sex games. The children were instructed to get nude in front of each other, to paint their genitals and leave imprints, and adult instructors would commend them about the size of their private parts.

We are talking about 16 year old children, some not even that old. They were asked to name how many types of condoms they can identify. Then, they were asked about the number of their sexual partners. It was taken that a “correct answer” will be more than two sexual partners at 16 years of age. A bizzare “game” had them soak female hygiene products in red paint and then drain them. The children were then asked to put paint on a part of their body and leave an impression on paper – an imprint of a hand was ranked 10 points, the buttocks were valued 40 points, the breasts at 60 and the genitals – 80 points, the enraged father of one of the children told Sloboden Pecat in an interview. The father remained anonymous to protect his daughter,

After the shocking interview, two other parents joined in and revealed what their children were exposed to, while seven children in total left the group. They claim that the children were practically forced to participate in such activities, since the camp was set up far away from Skopje.

The children were accosted by older men and urged to undress during the events. ‘You’re too shy’, one of them told the children who wouldn’t get undressed during one of the activities that took place in a remote part of the country, meaning that the children were scared of being kicked out and left alone if they wouldn’t participate.

The scouting group – the First Skopje Scout Group – is a major recipient of funds from both the city of Skopje and the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia (FOSM), which is the main George Soros funded organization in Macedonia. FOSM already funds a number of organizations that promote a far leftist ideological curriculum of sexual education among children but the organization insisted that it didn’t know the scouting organization would use its funds for this type of activities.

We want to inform the public that the FOSM management board supported a number of civic organizations and informal groups as part of its Green Leap – Partnership for Climate Action concept. The proposal by the First Skopje Scout Group received a grant of 12,229 USD. According to their proposal, the project was meant to create a positive climate for teaching about the environment through informal education of children in nature, FOSM said in a statement.

HERA, the Soros funded NGO group that leads their promotion of left wing ideology in sexual education, through its former official – current Education Minister Mila Carovska – also claims that it was not directly involved in preparing the program of the scouting group. But, two years ago, the scout group announced that it is organizing a similar camp, named “Sex Scouts and Rock’n’Roll” that they said was supported by HERA and the city of Skopje, and recruited participants from high schools in the capital. The promotional material for the event includes condoms branded with the logo of the scout group and the logo of the city of Skopje. HERA is now busy washing its hands off the whole project.

If conducted properly, sexual education should in theory help protect from sexually transmitted diseases, sexual harassment, violence and discrimination. It should absolutely not include activities that place the participants in an unpleasant situation where they feel abused or told to do things against their will, HERA said in a statement, in which it denies involvement in the current event, but avoids clarifying in full its cooperation with the scandalous scout group.

Prosecutors and organizations protect children’s rights have announced that they are investigating the scandal. Camp organizer Zoran Siljakovski said that he informed the children that sexual education will be part of the camp, and insisted that the children were free to call their parents and leave the camp at any moment.