SDSM strongly denies the lies reported on TV21’s “Click Plus” TV show, saying that the residents of Aracinovo were allegedly promised that as many as 300 pilots would be employed.

That’s not true. That’s classic fake news by a certain Shabi Bilali, a person with dubious credibility. The person making this false allegation is the son of a former mayor of Aracinovo who was arrested in Greece for smuggling migrants and was caught with drugs. In addition, during the presidential election campaign, Bilali wanted to open an election headquarters for VMRO-DPMNE in Aracinovo, although that party had no basis there, which gave rise to legitimate suspicions about the political background of the lies. What is surprising is the need for TV 21 to leave media space to persons with dubious backgrounds and dubious credibility, spreading lies about alleged employment of 300 pilots, although it is well known that the need for pilots in the country is far less, without asking for SDSM’s position. We urge the media to verify the information provided and thus contribute to the fight against fake news, reads SDSM’s statement.