Dusan Ilievski, a formerly outspoken SDSM activist from Bitola who has since turned on the party and revealed a number of corruption scandals, has posted pictures of the new house and Opel Insignia bought by the recently dismissed SDSM Secretary General Aleksandar Kiracovski.

Ilievski published pictures of Kiracovski with a white Insignia which is not listed in the annual property report submitted to the Anti-Corruption Commission. Another photograph is of a three story house in downtown Bitola.

Kiracovski gained this property in two years, a villa in the center of Bitola and an Opel Insignia worth 50.000 EUR. Will the Anti-Corruption Commission investigate how he gained all this in two years?, Ilievski asks.

Kiracovski was dismissed as Secretary General of the party after numerous allegations of nepotism – using his position to influence public sector hiring and securing well paid jobs for his in-laws, relatives, and allegedly even his hair stylist.