VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski revealed today that a long list of Government officials were given free parking across Skopje by the city parking utility company. The company was long ran by Borce Jakimovski, representative of the small Democratic Alliance (DS) party led by Pavle Trajanov – best known for aligning with whichever party is in power regardless of ideology.

VMRO-DPMNE won the local elections in October and its mayors and council members are looking into the abuse perpetrated by SDSM and DUI party officials over the past four years. Stoilkovski said that the company exempted the following officials from paying for parking: First Deputy Prime Minister Artan Grubi, Martin Popov, now chief of staff of Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski, current SDSM Secretary General Mile Zecevic, Aerodrom Mayor Zlatko Marin, Dusko Veskoski – head of the Water Utility Company, and numerous other local and central government officials.

The DS party held a press conference to insist that Jakimovski was an honest and responsible head of the Skopje parking company and said that they welcome an investigation into his work, certain it will find nothing wrong.