The Zaev Government is appointing a party loyalist – Viktor Dimovski – as the head of the newly founded National Security Agency. The powerful domestic intelligence apparatus is supposed to replace the current UBK agency and will be removed from the Interior Ministry and placed directly under the auspices of the Prime Minister.

Dimovski is currently in the Foreign Affairs Ministry, as State Secretary, and in the past he has worked in the Interior Ministry since the Communist era. He was also head of the Intelligence Agency under President Branko Crvenkovski. Throughout his career he was seen as a staunch SDSM party supporter.

The UBK was heavily involved in the wiretapping scandal which caused the on-going political crisis in Macedonia as rogue intelligence officers wiretapped Government officials and shared the recordings with the SDSM party. SDSM is using the scandal to create a new agency, and UBK officers are expected to be submitted to a political loyalty test before they are allowed to move to the new agency.