Two days before the repeated local elections in the municipality of Mavrovo Rostuse, where the mayor and municipal council are elected on Saturday, scandalous payments to local SDSM officials from the municipal coffers came to light.

The current trustee and candidate for mayor from SDSM, Medat Kurtoski, paid his brother-in-law Emsel Shabani 1,000 euros from the municipal treasury, and he paid his grandfather Tasim 950 euros from the municipal budget, they behave as if the Municipality is their private property!

This is announced by the local organization of VMRO-DPMNE in the municipality of Mavrovo Rostuse which publishes evidence for its claim from the government’s public procurement tool where the payment of money to SDSM members is seen. In order for the nepotism to be even greater, the director of the elementary school in Skudrinje, Beshir Ramadani, paid 250 euros each from the school budget for himself and his brother-in-law from the trustee Medat Kurtovski, most likely to go on a summer vacation, reads the statement of VMRO-DPMNE Mavrovo. 

The candidate of Medat Kurtovski should know that the money is not his personally, and what he is doing is not good for anyone, least of all for those who give him permission to do these reckless things, the statement reads.

Yesterday, SDSM leader and Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski visited this municipality and the general secretary of the party, Mile Zecevic, who promote Kurtovski for future mayor.