SDSM does not deny or condemn the fake news published in the Presscentar news portal over alleged bribery of the Macedonian opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski, who according to the text published in this portal, received a million and six hundred thousand euros in a Budapest apartment and strict instructions from Russian diplomats.

SDSM stands for objective and transparent reporting. As a party, we believe that we can all work together to fight the fake news. SDSM is not spreading fake news and communicates responsibly and I believe that there is no reason for the party to be associated with this topic in any way, reads the response that party vice-president Kosta Petrov sent to Republika on behalf of SDSM.

Republika also demanded answers from both the Government and the adviser to the Prime Minister for the media, Marjan Zabrcanec, but so far there is no response.