Even after VMRO-DPMNE, Levica, the Alliance of Albanians and Alternative created a working majority in the Council of Skopje, SDSM insists that things could still turn around. The opposition parties have 24 out of 45 seats in the Council but SDSM appears to believe that if their mayoral candidate Petre Silegov wins on Sunday, with the help of his exceptionally dirty and negative campaign, they could maybe get Council members to come back to them.

You know there is a revote in Shuto Orizari, in one polling station. Also, there are independent list voters who can’t be excluded. SDSM plans to unite all the progressive forces on Sunday. We won’t allow the remnants of the regime to unite with fake leftists and destroy Skopje, said Ljubica Janceva, Council member from SDSM.