After VMRO-DPMNE and their presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova alarmed the public that the ruling SDSM party has prepared an Android application which is being used for surveillance of voters, it was promptly withdrawn on the Google Play app store.

The application named IZBORI 2019 KC SDSM was used by SDSM activists, and today it was revealed that there are serious indications that it will be used to collect personal data from voters, but also follow their movements on the day of elections. Goran Momiroski, spokesman for Siljanovska, said that a whistleblower informed that opposition campaign that the application is being used to collect data from all voters who install it.

There is serious concern that personal identity information and contacts are being collected, and that geo-location tools are used to follow the movement of citizens. This amounts to a serious violation of the electoral process, Momiroski said.

In light of this development, the Siljanovska campaign called on all citizens to refuse to answer probing personal questions from SDSM campaign teams, to protect themselves from having their information collected and abused. The campaign submitted the evidence to the State Electoral Commission, to state prosecutors, and to international observers of the presidential elections, and that the servers used by SDSM for this purpose are seized and investigated.