The MP and member of the EC of VMRO-DPMNE, Antonio Milososki commented in an interview with TV Sitel about the new charges filed against Mile Janakieski and Igor Janusev and said that SDSM is incapable of implementing projects and is engaged in revanchism.

SDSM is not even capable to complete the highway that started from Kicevo to Ohrid and Struga. It is not capable to build the highway it promised from Bitola to Prilep. When you do not have the capability to realize capital projects, then you use the Prosecution as a political tool to spin and to hide the incapability with such charges. But citizens know how to distinguish what the city was like before there were buses and what it is like today. Unfortunately, SDSM should show the capacity to run with the renewal of the city, but we see that they are engaging in revanchism, said Milososki.