SDSM is passing a law to conceal the luxury property of their officials. They have been in power for four years, and the property of their officials has increased by 400 years, VMRO DPMNE reacted.

Only Petre Silegov in one term with an income of 1,000 euros, which is around 48,000 euros for the whole term built a luxury hacienda in Mavrovo and an illegal building in Karpos, with even only one of the two buildings exceeds his income, where his money comes from for both of them? Zoran Zaev, as Prime Minister, is hiding his property, so we saw from the media that the Zaev family has luxury villas in Greece, for which documents were published. In addition, they acquired marijuana factories and other facilities. Mila Carovska, as a minister, is building a hacienda on Ponikva, and her partner is receiving tenders from state institutions. While people are dying because instead of vaccines Venko Filipce pursues commissions, and in the meantime builds a luxury house in Vodno. SDSM wants to hide the apartments of Kostadin Kostadinov and all their officials neighbors. SDSM is hiding behind laws that should legalize their crime, said VMRO-DPMNE.