SDSM reiterated in a press release on Saturday that they’re holding formal talks over forming a government with a 4-year term, set to cleanse the judiciary and inspect the origin of office holders’ finances and assets.

The new government will focus on fighting against crime and corruption on all levels.

One of our priorities will be to cleanse the judiciary and implement a system for inspecting the origin of every office holder’s finances and assets. Judges and prosecutors will be obliged to serve rule of law and those purposefully stalling proceedings will be automatically dismissed. A thorough revision of 5% of all verdicts made in the past five years will be carried out and all cases launched by the Special Prosecutor’s Office will finally be resolved, the press release read.

The party added that in the past two and a half years they secured the adoption of the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office, which guarantees the separation of politics and judiciary and poses that all grand corruption cases must be resolved at court.

In our next four-year term, we’ll show that we can work harder and better in citizens’ best interest, the press release read.