SDSM spokesman Kostadin Kostadinov, sent by the party to promote its position that early election should take place in June, even before the coronavirus is fully under control, refused to answer who will be held responsible if it leads to a flare up of the epidemic.

SDSM wants elections as soon as possible, apparently hoping that the voters, scared of the virus, will turn out in low numbers and this would allow them to better use the levers of power and improve their result. But it would also include putting hundreds of thousands of voters, and 35.000 public sector employees who man voting stations, in direct risk of the virus, as Macedonia continues to have stubbornly high infection rates and the worst mortality rate in the region.

Will you bear the responsibility if people are infected or die from the coronavirus? Will you publicly assume responsibility after the elections?, Kostadinov was asked by the spokesman of the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party Dimitar Arsovski. The SDSM representative avoided responding to the question.