The State Election Commission (SEC) has said that 723 COVID-19 patients and people in self-isolation exercised their voting right at the early parliamentary elections on Monday.

Let me thank the media for the message transmitted to the citizens that SEC and the state have administered a fully safe voting process for this category of voters. I urge citizens to come out and vote over the next two days and have no concerns about their health because polling stations will be completely safe, said SEC president Oliver Derkovski.

SEC will not release any results from today’s vote, only the turnout.

The ballots remain sealed in envelopes in the ballot boxes. The same will apply for tomorrow’s vote. Secrecy is guaranteed and there is no way to open these ballots. They will be opened after the end of the July 15 voting, said SEC member Boris Kondarko.

The voter’s register includes 1,814,263 citizens. The homebound and infirm (8,852), inmates (1,657), internally displaced persons (6), and persons in retirement homes (357) will vote on Tuesday.