According to the published “Conclusion for publishing the voting results” in Wednesday’s early parliamentary elections, based on data from the hardcopy forms of the municipal election commissions the SEC has established the following:

– Total number of voters registered in the Voters’ List – 1 814 236

-Total number of voters who voted – 942 334

– Total number of unused ballots – 869 889

– Total number of valid ballots – 910 868

– Total number of invalid ballots – 31 466

However, when 942,334 people who voted are taken from 1,814,236 eligible voters, we get the number of 871,902 people who did not vote, which means that the number of unused ballots should be the same. However, according to this SEC Conclusion, the number of unused ballots is 869 889, which means that 2 013 ballots are missing.

The question logically arises, where and how are these ballots registered? Maybe they were used to commit fraud?