I know the Macedonian leader, I have been at the Prime Minister’s house, reveals Sedat Peker in a video from May 9 in which he talks about a murder in Turkey. Paker openly acknowledges that not only does he know him, but he is friends with Zoran Zaev enough to be able to visit him at his home.


In the interview Sedat Peker claims that Agar brought a man in Turkey to liquidate Mansimov and said: Guli was deported by the state after the shooting in Edirne with the organized crime department, in which a police officer died. This was done by Guli’s people, but they claim that no indictment can be filed due to lack of evidence. The deportation is for not entering Turkey. I know the Prime Minister of that country, I was a guest at the home of the leader of Macedonia. I know all the political leaders in Macedonia. I was deported from the country for exceeding my stay for three days, which I cannot remove and I cannot enter the country. While the deep state in Turkey, annulling the deportation decision, returned the man accused of killing the organized crime policeman in Edirne.

The most famous Turkish mobster is one of the people who obtained a Macedonian passport with false identity in the “Mafia” affair (operation “Double”). After the affair broke out, a number of video photos appeared which prove that Peker not only had Macedonian documents, but he really felt at home in Macedonia.

He regularly met with members of SDSM, candidates for MPs, mayors, and was protected by the police.

Zaev said only a month ago that he was acquainted with all these meetings that Peker had, but hid that he himself is among the high-ranking officials with whom the mobster was friends.