At the SDSM Women’s Forum, Radmila Sekerinska stated that she runs men’s department, and that during her term in office our country is becoming a NATO member state.

I run a department that is still considered men’s, but here we are becoming a NATO member. For two and a half years now, the defense of the Republic of Macedonia has been run by a woman. And let’s not forget – Macedonia joins NATO when the defense department is headed by a woman. And salaries in the defense department are higher. And the laws improved. There is more money and it is wisely spent. But, of course, there is also the support for our colleagues, we work together for our country, Defense Minister and Vice President Radmila Sekerinska said at the SDSM Women’s Forum on Sunday.

She underlined that “if we look at the budgets of women-run ministries, we will see that although they are only 4 vs 12, the total budget is twice as big as the budgets of our male counterparts.”