With the new solutions we have practically ensured that all the SPO cases are fully resolved, said SDSM vice president and minister of defense Radmila Sekerinska.

No one can use administrative or any judicial procedural reasons to deny them and now everything is in the hands of the judiciary. We as the Government have said that we want the new law on the Public Prosecutor’s Office to be adopted and we have shown great flexibility, because we consider this issue to be above all party or personal interests, Sekerinska said.

She adds that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, with his proposals, wanted to leave the opposition without space to seek excuses and run away from a deal, but she said no agreement was reached.

The government’s political decision not to interfere in the judiciary, the government’s decision and all coalition partners not to seek special privileges from prosecutors or judges – that message is received. Not only in Brussels, but also in the capitals of key member states. And they do not accidentally tell us this is no longer the same country, Sekerinska said.