The Alliance of Albanians party – its faction loyal to the former leader Ziadin Sela – condemned its former colleagues from the Arben Taravari wing and his broader VLEN coalition of failing to secure enough seats in the next Government with VMRO-DPMNE.

This is the first time Albanians have held only four departments in the Government. To make matters worse, there are planned changes to increase the number of ministries, so it would be 4 out of 19 seats. Over the past decades, the least number of seats Albanians have held was 5 out of 15, and currently we hold 8 out of 16, said Sela’s party.

The unprecedented number of seats DUI and its allies hold in the outgoing Government was due to the weak position of SDSM, which constantly gave away ministries to bring in new Albanian coalition partners, and eventually gave away the seat of Prime Minister to DUI. In contrast, VMRO-DPMNE will hold a comfortable majority in Parliament and is able to drive a much harder bargain. VLEN was given the prestigious seat of Parliament Speaker, and each of its four members is expected to have a department, as well as a couple of seats without departments. But VMRO will hold all the key ministries.

VLEN responded to Sela’s statement by saying that DUI used its power in the Government for personal corruption and enrichment, which prompted a backlash among Macedonian voters, giving VMRO its large majority.

VLEN will assume an exceptionally important role in the new Government and will secure the future of the Albanian people. We will lead the work of the Parliament and have six seats in the Government, while enjoying full legitimacy of the Albanians. The time of national humiliations and satisfying of personal ambitions is over, VLEN writes in response to Sela’s party.