According to the president of the Alliance for Albanians, Ziadin Sela, it is unacceptable for the country to come to a situation where the agreement reached between the two leaders of the political parties must be respected, and the law must be ignored. Asked about the amendment submitted by Halil Snopce, which calls for the census to be held in June, Sela assesses it as an attempt by DUI to hide the betrayal they committed against Albanians.

We were right then, we are right today, because it is a process that has already begun and you cannot interrupt the citizens halfway. For “x” reasons, other topics are now being opened. From what we heard at the press conference, that the decision of the party president should be respected, and the law should not be respected. Now other definitions are used, identification, verification and all this rightly opens dilemmas for the citizens, for those who are registered to have a real census process. What we are looking for is not from now, not even 10 years ago, but from the 90s. The amendment you mentioned is the clearest example of how DUI is trying to manipulate the public, to hide the betrayal it is doing to the Albanians by throwing the blame elsewhere, said Sela.