Alliance of Albanians leader Ziadin Sela believes that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev had an agreement with former security chief Saso Mijalkov and allowed him to flee Macedonia, but that the deal was obstructed by somebody higher up than Zaev. The dramatic escape and subsequent return of Mijalkov caused political chaos in Macedonia, as it strongly indicated to the public that there is a deal between Zaev and Mijalkov.

Saso Mijalkov is followed by numerous scandals but he is still at large. He’s not even being mentioned in the investigation of the

April 2017 incident. And he’s now given mere house arrest? A person who obviously escaped from the country?, Sela said.
Sela was badly beaten during the April 27 2017 storming of the Parliament. While Zaev and the circle around him were also attacked, recently leaked tapes and the relationship between Zaev and Mijalkov in the years after show that the two were in coordination before the incident.

It is believed that Mijalkov fled to Serbia, and from there negotiated with Zaev about the next steps. He faces sentencing on Friday for the massive wiretapping scandal that broke out in 2015 and which Zaev used to grab power.