Visibly enjoying his sense of impunity, ruling coalition presidential candidate Stevo Pendarovski laughingly said that there is no way he would get a speeding ticket if stopped by the police.

Let’s be honest, if a policeman stops me for driving above the speed limit, do you honestly think he would give me a fine? I don’t think so, Pendarovski said, giggling. “He will know me from TV”.

After the cold reception of his comments, he quickly corrected himself and said he might get a fine, if the police officer is an opposition VMRO supporter.

The SDSM – DUI coalition, which has nominated Pendarovski, himself a police cadre, has instituted a systematic assault on opposition activists and officials, with hundreds of active criminal charges. In many cases the violations for which the opposition is being persecuted are pedestrian, like graffiti or stinging Facebook comments.

Полиција не го казнувала Пендаровски…

Полиција не го казнувала Пендаровски…

Gepostet von am Samstag, 6. April 2019