The now infamous photograph of suspected extortionist Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 and the top SDSM party official Aleksandar Kiracovski, in which Kiracovski is serenading Boki 13 with his guitar, was seen placed on bus stations across Skopje today.

It’s not clear who put the pictures up. Kiracovski was interrogated ten days ago, and insisted that he only knew Boki 13 casually, after the cross-dressing showman came up to him to take a photograph. The same day the hitherto unknown serenade photo was made public
Kiracovski is suspected of providing political backing to Boki 13 in his extortion attempts and he even acknowledged setting up a meeting between Boki 13, a Bitola based businessman and the Mayor of Bitola Natasa Petrovska, but he hasn’t been charged yet.