A shooting incident occurred this afternoon in the Matka canyon, at the small pier used by the popular boat tour operators. Several boat operators got into an argument, durign which one of them fired at least one shot.

Nobody has been injured in the incident, that was caught on video, the police said. It was reported that the incident was instigated by local tour boat boss Mervan Sulejmani, a politically linked activist of the ruling SDSM party. Sulejmani, accompanied by several men, attacked two other operators, Said and Sadik Amet.

The Matka canyon is a popular tourism draw just west of the capital Skopje. It was recently marred by unregulated development in the protected zone, driven by Sulejmani, to which the local and city authorities turned a blind eye do to his political connections.

Пукање на матка

Сите учесници кои биле дел од пукањето на кањон Матка се возачи на чамци за туристи.

Gepostet von Republika Nedelnik am Samstag, 9. Mai 2020