SDSM party official Petre Silegov, whose defeat in the mayoral race in Skopje prompted Zoran Zaev to announce he is resigning as Prime Minister and party leader, said that the addition of the Alternative party to the ruling coalition is a “done deal”.

Silegov spoke at the start of the meeting of the Central and Executive Boards of SDSM, where Zaev’s resignations are expected to be the main topic of discussion. Sielgov told the press that he “does not know whether the resignations will be an issue”.

We will discuss many things, Covid, the energy and political situation in the country, and we will then reach appropriate decisions. I don’t know if we will discuss the resignation of leader Zoran Zaev, Silegov said.

Zaev is hoping to bring the Alternative party to the coalition so that he gets over 61 votes in Parliament again. The small Albanian party is also meeting this evening.