Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov believes the justice system has not fully completed its professional role in the Racket case involving Boki 13, Zoki Kiceec and prosecutor Katica Janeva.

I expect the prosecution to complete the investigation as soon as possible but it is not for me to interfere. I am a man who, since getting into politics, is committed exclusively to the rule of law. If you ask me, both the public prosecution and the courts would have to work a bit more intensively. It is unprincipled to expect that the mayor of the City of Skopje, the Prime Minister or the Minister of Interior to imprison someone. It is the job of the public prosecution and the courts. Unfortunately, my conclusion as a lawyer is that the courts have not finished their job conscientiously and completely, and each of us will have to think about it. So far we have not reached a high level of professionalism even in the prosecution system, Silegov told Alfa TV.

Asked if he was photographed with Boki 13 and how close he was to him, Silegov said:

Maybe I have a photo with you, and maybe I don’t. In public life in our country politicians are the most exposed. All kinds of people approach us and we take pictures with all kinds of people. With Bojan Jovanovski I think I have one photo taken at the opening of 1TV, but I don’t think that photos with anyone can be an indication of anything, adds the Skopje mayor.