The mayor of Skopje Petre Silegov announced the renaming of streets in Skopje. Besides the village of Nivici, where the name change was signed, the League of Prizren will be also honored, which founded the idea of a Greater Albania.

The list includes names of prominent personalities in the field of urban, national and world cultural and historical heritage, important events in Macedonian and world history, names given by toponyms of cities in the country and the region and other names, wrote Silegov.

Thus, street will be renamed after the participants in the League of Prizren, including Ashar bey Shkupi, who was the president of the Skopje branch of the League of Prizren.

The former mayor of Urosevac, Shuku Halim, will also be honored, as well as Ali Matkaliu Ibrahim, a member of the Skopje branch of the League of Prizren.

Greater Albania is the dream and ideal of uniting all Albanians in a great Albanian state in the Balkans with the violent annexation of parts of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece. This idea, represented by the League of Prizren (1878), demanded that non-Albanian ethnic-historical territories be included in the Albanian state.