The draft law on foreign affairs, which was the subject of discussion in the ministry last week, was expressly passed by the government on Saturday and became a draft law despite the Macedonian diplomatic trade union argument against half of the draft text (50 out of 120 articles), the Macedonian diplomatic trade union said.

The speed with which the Law was changed at all costs, despite serious violations of the procedure alarmed by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, clearly show that the real purpose of the new Foreign Affairs Law is not in the interests of neither the employees nor the establishment of diplomacy on a professional, solid and long-term basis, the union’s statement said.

The Macedonian diplomatic trade union emphasized that the draft text is far from foreign affairs law.

The union adds that as a trade union organization on the basis of which solidarity and labor rights lie, they have long indicated, and now demand, the most urgent withdrawal of this elitist project and its preparation from the outset, in a transparent procedure.