With the second round of the presidential elections a week away, opposition candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova made a promise to ethnic Albanian voters that, as President, she will treat all citizens fairly and equally.

I offer to Albanian voters what I offer to the Macedonian, Turkish, Roma, Serbian, Bosniak, Vlach voters. Equal treatment of all. I’ve never differentiated my students based on their background, as I’ve never differentiated my Albanian or Macedonian friends. We need to work to keep the best people in Macedonia, regardless of their ethnic background, said Siljanovska.

Albanian voters, who were largely AWOL in the first round of the elections, can make or break the two remaining candidates – Siljanovska and Stevo Pendarovski. Both candidates made a play for the 80.000 votes received by the third candidate, Blerim Reka, who has not endorsed anybody yet, and may refuse to do so.