The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office was a parallel body with a budget several times larger than other bodies, and when something is created in parallel it cannot be controlled, university professor Gordana Siljanovska Davkova said in an interview with Kanal 5’s “Samo intervju” show on Friday.

According to Siljanovska, the SPO is a terrible defeat for the rule of law.

We should elect judges and public prosecutors who are not there for party ties or nepotism, but for the knowledge they have. If you select people who are not well educated and have no knowledge, you can expect “Racket” from them. If you tie the reform synonym to the three angels and now talk about demonization that ends in a weird way, then it is a terrible defeat for the rule of law, Siljanovska said, adding that there must be much stricter criteria for the election of judges.

Siljanovska added that the vetting is acknowledging that the judiciary has sunk.

Below is the whole show with the professor: