During her rally in Skopje today, VMRO-DPMNE presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova called on the opposition supporters who intend to boycott the elections to reconsider their decision.

I have full understanding for the dilemmas faced by people who in their minds and their hearts can’t accept what is going on and want to ignore it. We did not choose or impose this name. The others did it. The election ballots will say “Republic of North Macedonia”. How can we change that if not from within? Let’s go out to the polls and show this Government that it has no legitimacy for everything that it did, said Siljanovska.

Macedonians overwhelmingly boycotted the September 2018 referendum to change the name of the country, but the Zaev regime imposed the change anyway. This has spurred calls that the presidential and all other elections are also boycotted, to show that the Government has no legitimacy. VMRO-DPMNE supported the referendum boycott, but has opted to run a candidate in the presidential elections, insisting that this is the best way to spark early general elections.