University professor Gordana Siljanovska Davkova told Sitel TV that the Constitution does not allow a military person to be in charge of the Ministry of Interior, but there were precedents she said.

Our Constitution is written in the spirit of the so-called civilian control of the security services and according to it the body of internal affairs, that is to say the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense, can only be run by a civilian, and if it is a subject that previously held a post in the police or defense, at least three years should pass before they can be appointed Minister of the Interior or Minister of Defense. That is what Article 97 says. There are countries like Turkey or the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan where military personnel can also run the defense ministry. But what I want to emphasize is that this is not a precedent, but one in a series of precedents. I remember that Mr. Siljan Avramovski was once Minister of Interior, Article 97 was not applied to him, the same applies to Minister Mitko Cavkov, and at the moment to Deputy Minister of Defense Bekim Maksuti. In 2017, the connoisseurs of the Constitutional Law could react with zeal, pointing out that Article 97 should be respected, said Slijanovska Davkova.