Opposition presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova warned that, under the Zoran Zaev Government, Macedonia no longer resembles a democracy, and that will negatively affect its prospects of joining NATO and the European Union.

The Parliament should be the leading school of democracy, a place for debates and expression of different opinions. But instead we have tyranny of the majority, buying and selling of votes, violation of the Constitution and the laws. The house of the people has been seized. We can’t have democracy without division of Government, checks and balances. And if there is no Parliament, the President is pushed to the side. All they need now is the office of the President, and they will go completely outside of all bounds, Siljanovska said, speaking about the Zaev regime, on a day when her campaign revealed serious allegations about election abuse.

During her rally in Aerodrom, Siljanovska accused the Zaev Government of refusing to honor the outcome of the September 2018 referendum, where an overwhelming boycott meant that the push to rename Macedonia is not supported by the majority of the people. She promised to fulfill her campaign pledge – to engage with leading international law experts and to nullify the Prespa treaty by exposing its numerous defects and violations of human rights.