Jana Stojanovska, daughter of actress Silvija Stojanvoska who is now charged with assisting the shipment of three tons of cocaine destined for the UK, insists that her mother is innocent, but that she can’t say the same about her partner.

The mastermind of the cocaine shipment, which was found in a submarine off the coast of Spain is believed to be Silvija’s partner Voislav Budisavljevic, who has a prior record in drug smuggling, and his Spain based brother.

I was shaken by the news that my mother has been detained, but it was only a brief detention, after it was determined that she is not involved in drug smuggling. She was brought into this because of the brother of her husband, who is the suspect. My mother is innocent, she was detained for no reason, Jana Stojanovska told the press in Serbia, where she lives.
She said that she is in contact with her mother and expects that she will be released from house arrest soon.

Silvija Stojanovska was the wife of late actor Nenad Stojanvoski and a famous actress in her own right. More recently she was one of the faces of the SDSM led Colored Revolution protest movement. As such she was hired to perform in a USAID funded TV show meant to denounce crime and corruption, a casting decision which is now widely mocked, after her arrest in the biggest drug bust linked to Macedonia so far.