The census system is maximally protected and no one can break in with fake data, and criminal charges will be filed against anyone who tries to manipulate the system, ie to register as diaspora from their computer in Macedonia, the director of the State Statistical Office, Apostol Simovski told “Plusinfo”, after this morning several IT experts pointed out errors and flaws in the system, ie warned that with free installation of “VPN” each of our fellow citizens can register as if living abroad.

Criminal charges will be filed against anyone attempting to enter fake information into the system, he said. According to Article 9 of the Census Law, it is clearly stated that anyone who destroys, conceals, damages or otherwise makes the data entered in the census application unusable, will be punished with imprisonment of at least three years. I read the warnings from the IT experts, but I can only say that fake data cannot be entered into the system. One may register and think that they have entered fake data, but in fact the system itself will show that the data is not reliable. We will register such cases, because it is a deliberate intrusion into the application, says Simovski.

An IT experts from Macedonia was the first to point out that the census system has major flaws and that anyone who installs a “VPN”, and as she explained on the Facebook group “Federal Committee of IT experts in Macedonia”, it is done for free, then, every citizen can register as if they were in another country, ie abroad.