Saso Dukoski, lawyer for key Racket suspect Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, said that the contents of his phone were only partialy delivered to the court. The material lacked the WhatsApp messages on the phone, which Dukoski says will be important in the course of the trial.

Boki 13 alleged that his one-time friend Prime Minister Zoran Zaev was a key figure in the extortion ring that he was also a part of, and has repeatedly asked the court to allow the contents of his phone to be used as evidence.

Half of the forensics copy can’t be opened. Fully missing are the WhatsApp messages. There are screen-shots, but they have been scrambled and are not in order, Dukoski told Republika.

As Boki was sentenced to nine years in prison in the original Racket trial, and faces another extortion charge, he has been willing to blow the whistle on Zaev. But the trials seem designed to prevent him from speaking fully and the court so far has not been interested in seeing all the evidence.