Skopje must become a city of all people. We had in mind that it is necessary to find a solution that can unite beyond party professionals and competent people. That is why the EC, and then the Central Committee made a decision VMRO-DPMNE to support the future mayor of the City of Skopje, which is Danela Arsovska, said the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Hristijan Mickoski at Sunday’s press conference.

He emphasized that Arsovska is a person with an impressive biography, with proven and recognized successes in the economy, a woman who heads the Macedonian Chambers of Commerce.

Professionals and competent people with proven quality and results behind them need to take over the matters that are important to your lives. Because time passes for everyone. I am firmly convinced that we have the future mayor of Skopje. Let’s all people of Skopje unite around the woman who will create the future development of Skopje. Skopje deserves change, Skopje will fight for change. Skopje deserves a strong woman for mayor who will protect above all the interests of the city. Danela is a person who wins, and I am convinced that she will win this race, which is most important for the people of Skopje and the city of Skopje, said Mickoski.

Mickoski says that the City of Skopje is experiencing serious stagnation. 4 years have been wasted in terms of the capital’s development. After 4 years of SDSM rule in Skopje, life is not better as it was promised 4 years ago, he said.

That is why Skopje needs a capable and prepared manager of the city, a person who will unite the most capable and competent to guarantee its development. But also instilling serious hope that we know how to ensure the development of the city, said Mickoski.