The Telma TV debate with the mayoral candidates in Skopje that aired this evening did not end well for the incumbent Petre Silegov, with all the other candidates pointing to the numerous promises he made in 2017 but never got around to implementing.
At one point, Silegov got into an argument with his former political ally, singer Beni Shaqiri.

I personally lifted you up on the stage when you became the Mayor and we agreed that you will be an honest, a normal Mayor. But you turned out to be a bad Mayor, Shaqiri told Silegov, who testily fired back.

When we fought against the regime, we promised to listen to the voice of the citizens. You were supposed to be the party’s choice for director of the Youth Cultural Center. But the citizens protested, there was a petition and we listened to the voice of the citizens, Silegov replied, alleging that Shaqiri is now running against him because he’s angry his personal ambitions were foiled.

Another former ally of Silegov, lawyer Aleksandar Tortevski, also rose up against his nomination and accused him of failing on the job.

Silegov’s main challenger, the VMRO-DPMNE backed candidate Danela Arsovska, listed all the promised projects, boulevards, tunnels and schools that Silegov was supposed to build.

We don’t need any more “will-do” Mayors. You promised the Moon, but delivered nothing, Arsovska said.