Georgi Galetanovski – Chombe, an SDSM party official who is the director of the Skopje ZOO, announced he will press charges against a VMRO-DPMNE official who accused him of being involved in a recent cocaine bust of one of his colleagues.

Struga police arrested Senad Smailovic, the director of the Skopje parking roads utility company, with an unspecified amount of cocaine last week. Smailovic was promptly removed from office by Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov. Smailovic is the brother of SDSM official and open borders and Islamic activist Mersiha Smailovic who was also in the news after drumming up an anti-Semitic campaign against Macedonia’s first, short-lived Jewish Government Minister Rasela Mizrahi.

After Senad Smailovic’s arrest, a VMRO official Irena Popova held a press conference claiming that Galetanovski was also present during the raid in Struga and was with Smailovic when he was arrested with cocaine. Popova insisted that the SDSM led police is doing a cover-up to protect the powerful officials of the ruling party.

Galetanovski today said that he was not present and was not searched by the police, and demands an apology from Popova, accusing her of spreading fake news.