You have had hardships on your journey. Difficulties related to your name, which have now been solved, problems with your language that is also a done deal, and I am certain that after the NATO accession you will have the chance to start the formal talks with the European Union very soon, said former EU high representative Javier Solana in his video-address at conference “Beyond Ohrid” on the 20th anniversary of the Framework Agreement on Friday.

I am pleased to have the opportunity to celebrate with you the 20th anniversary of the Ohrid Framework Agreement. That agreement meant a lot to you and your people, but it is also very important to me. It was the beginning of a journey of cooperation between different nations of the country, Solana said.

He pointed out that he would remain a “very good friend” of our country and that if we ever needed something from a friend, “do not hesitate to contact me,”he said.