The Alternative Party – one of the coalition partners in VLEN, announced today its picks for the new Government.

Orhan Murtezani, former head of the MEPSO energy company and the transportation division of the Macedonian Railroads, will be proposed as Minister for European Affairs, who is in charge of coordinating Macedonia’s EU accession efforts.
The party will also noinate university professor Lulzim Aliu as Deputy Education Minister, a position that Aliu already held. He is a professor and vice-dean at the Pedagogical Faculty in Skopje.

The Alternative, which was given the position of Parliament Speaker, will also nominate a deputy minister at the Ministry for Ethnic Communities, and this position will go to former MP and university professor Safije Sadiki Shaini. The party is gearing up to elect a new leader, after Afrim Gashi was named Speaker of the Parliament.

VMRO-DPMNE is expected to announce the bulk of the candidates for the Government tomorrow, and to have the proposal put to a vote next week. Some of its other coalition partners also announced their candidates. BESA decided to nominate Fatmir Limani as Minister for Welfare Policies, Demography and Youth. Limani is best known for standing up to his relative Ali Ahmeti and challenging his total rule in the area of Kicevo during the 2021 local elections. Besar Durmishi from BESA will be proposed as Economy and Labour Minister and Sedat Sulejmani will be their choice for deputy Minister for Culture and Tourism.

It’s expected that Gostivar Mayor and leader of the Alliance of Albanians Arben Taravari will be nominated as Healthcare Minister – a position he briefly held in 2017. The leader of the fourth main VLEN partner, Izet Mexhiti from the Democratic Movement, is expected to take the position of Deputy Prime Minister and to hold the department of the environment.