The second day of the general strike in schools and kindergartens passed without a meeting between SONK and government officials.

According to the announcements from both sides on Monday, a meeting will be held these days in an attempt to reach a solution for the union’s request.

SONK does not deviate from the salaries of the employees in the activities of education and child protection to be immediately increased by 18.4 percent in accordance with the increase of the minimum wage which is 18,000 denars from this month and, additionally, to be the basis for multiplying the coefficients of complexity in jobs.

The President of SONK Jakim Nedelkov announced yesterday that they expect from the Government an invitation for a working meeting at which they will again present their arguments for the validity of their request. He hopes that the competent ministries or the Government will come up with a concrete proposal for a salary increase that will be acceptable to the majority of its members.