SONK informed at a press conference today that they have made a decision that the conclusions of yesterday’s session of the Government do not lead to solving the problems.

There is a lot of pressure on the strikers. The right to strike is disputed, a reason is sought for why it is organized and why the educational process is interrupted. SONK does not feel responsible for the interruption of classes, the answer should be sought elsewhere. The SONK council concludes that certain ministers intimidate teachers. It is a legal right to pay salaries during a strike. Teachers and educators should not be afraid, said Jakim Nedelkov, president of SONK.

According to him, the offered 10% increase in salaries in education by the Government is being cemented and no space is left on this issue.

The SONK Council will immediately end the strike if the Government harmonizes the salaries. The SONK Council demands intensification of the negotiations. The final agreement will be regulated by an agreement between the two social partners. The strike continues until we agree with the authorities on this issue, Nedelkov told reporters.