There is a very strongly expressed hard feeling of resistance to these constitutional amendments. Analyzing the reasons behind such widespread resistance, we may come to the conclusion that Macedonians feel that they are constantly deprived of something and that they are constantly foregoing something, VMRO-DPMNE Foreign Affairs Secretary, Aleksandar Spasenovski, said in a Friday interview with Sitel TV.

Spasenovski also pointed out the unpleasant experience Macedonian citizens had with constitutional amendments.

“Look at the history of constitutional amendments since 1991 – the Macedonian constitution is one the most amended of all the countries that derived from former Yugoslavia, even from the entire Communist block”, Spasenovski stressed.

According to Spasenovski, the applied constitutional amendments may be divided into two groups.

“We had constitutional amendments resulting from perceived weaknesses, mostly referring to the census for the election of the president, the duration of incarceration, and so on, while the second, and much larger group, includes the politically motivated amendments”, Spasenovski explained.