Orce Gjorgjievski from VMRO-DPMNE EC commented about Thursday’s reports that former Stip police chief Ljupco Trajkovski, who was charged with organized migrant trafficking, was appointed an adviser in the Interior Ministry during the flurry of reassignments in the Interior Minister done by Oliver Spasovski in the last days of his term in the Ministry before he was made interim Prime Minister.

This is the staff of Spasovski and Slavjanka. The criminal SDSM continues coalition with the mafia. Ljupco Trajkovski – a person suspected of migrant trafficking, a crime against humanity and international law, from head of Stip police, a position he held during SDSM’s term, has been promoted to an adviser to the director of the Public Security Bureau (BJB), staff of SDSM. That’s that mafia matrix. They are working for the mafia instead of the citizens. Is this the staff that SDSM plans to go to the polls with !? These are structures whose place is in front of the investigative authorities, not in the institutions at top positions, writes Gjorgjievski, who revealed the scandal with outgoing Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski ordering reassignments before New Year’s Eve.