Minister Oliver Spasovski was the guest of honor at the gathering of the citizens and the police in Strumica, on the occasion of the Police Day – May 7.

You will agree with me that it is impossible to discuss a partnership between the citizens and the police, without promoting that partnership on the field. The goal is for our citizens to get acquainted with the work of the police services, their tasks, uniforms, equipment, with everything that means an indicator of success of our plan for continuous material and technical equipment and improvement of police capacities, Minister Spasovski told the present citizens and the media in Strumica, giving an overview of the work done in the past period in order to achieve the priority – satisfied police for safe citizens.

Minister Spasovski also informed about the activities that the Ministry has projected for the following period, such as the additional salary increase of 5% for all employees in the Ministry of Interior starting in September this year, as well as the continuation of activities to create better working conditions through renovation of the police facilities in Berovo, Delcevo, Gazi Baba and Sveti Nikole, and through capital investments during 2022, reconstruction of two vital facilities is underway – the Department of Administrative Affairs in Skopje and the Training Center in Idrizovo, as well as one completely new construction – police station in Aerodrom.

At all five locations across the country, attendees had the opportunity to get acquainted with the high standards of equipment available to the Ministry, including some of the special vehicles and police helicopters. The members of the Rapid Deployment Unit used the opportunity to demonstrate martial arts and self-defense techniques to the citizens, and the members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit “Tiger”, more precisely from the specialized mountaineering team, demonstrated mountaineering skills to the gathered citizens.