The decision for temporary ban on work of the station was issued by the Ministry of Interior on November 26, due to omissions in the station’s work. The document bears the signature of Minister Oliver Spasovski. But the findings of “360 Degrees” reveal that the omissions in the station were identified three and a half months earlier. Why did they wait so long?

More than a month after the bus accident in Bulgaria, there are no final answers to the causes of the tragedy in which 45 people were killed.

During the investigation, the company “Besa Trans” was left without a license to operate, and the station where the bus passed the last technical inspection is temporarily closed.

It is temporarily closed because a series of omissions were identified in the work of that technical inspection station, said a few days ago the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime and Corruption, Vilma Ruskoska, on MTV.

However, the findings obtained by “360 Degrees” reveal that the omission in the work of the station were identified much earlier, back in August this year.

Why did the Minister of Interior Oliver Spasovski sign the work ban even three and a half months later, immediately after the tragedy of the “Besa Trans” bus?