Instead of sending a helicopter for one of the nearly 4,000 dead from COVID-19, who lost the battle against the disease, often due to late hospital admissions, Spasovski turned the MoI helicopter into Zaev’s taxi. The helicopter did not fly once for any medical emergency, but it flew for Zaev and Filipce, said VMRO-DPMNE on Sunday.

Zaev’s attempts to deflect are ridiculous. If the MoI helicopter is a cheaper means of transportation than cars, then we expect it to be immediately made available to hospitals across the country, and to transport patients instead of government officials. If it is not cheaper, which is the reality, Spasovski should say how much did Zaev’s ride cost the state? Did Zaev’s ride cost 1,000,000 denars? And why was that money spent on Zaev’s whim instead of fighting the pandemic?, reads the press release.